Guidelines and suggestions to enhance Online Communion experience

Guidelines and suggestions to enhance Online Communion experience:

Dear MCWBC brothers and sisters,

Due to COVID-19, we will observe the communion service monthly on the first Sunday during the online worship. Please have the ‘bread’ and ‘cup’ready before worship:

  1. Communion Service is communal. Please participate ONLY during Online worship time. If you watch online service recording at other time, please meditate on the Lord’s death & resurrection instead of taking communion.

  2. Feel free to invite all baptized Christians in your household to participate in the communion service together.

  3. How to prepare for the ‘bread’ and ‘cup’:

    1. Bread’: Traditionally, the bread should be unleavened (Jewish matzah), symbolizes pure and sinless in the New Testament. However, using soda cracker or plain bread will be a good substitute.

    2. Cup’: Please use non-carbonated grape juice, juice box. If grape juice is not available, water is fine.

    3. Communion cup and plate’: please prepare a plate to put the bread on, and about 30 ml of grape juice in a cup.

Online Communion process:

  1. Please have the ‘bread’ and ‘cup’ ready before worship.

  2. Follow the pastor’s guidance during Communion.

MCWBC Pastoral Team


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